[Dovecot] Is it possible to prevent users from ever deleting anything?

Snaky Love snakylove at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 24 14:00:21 EET 2010

Hi, dear dovecot-users,

is it possible to make dovecot ignore the DELETE command for some accounts?

Basically what I want to achieve is: users shall not be able to delete their
emails - but they still should be able write emails.

This is meant for a setup where different users are sending and receiving
emails for a "support" account.

I looked into IMAP virtual folders and ACL but I did not see a way of
totally disabling the possibility to delete emails and share the whole

I realize there may be race conditions with a setup like this and a web
based ticket system might be a better solution, but it is only a very small
team and we can always talk to each others to resolve conflicts - so using
only one mail account for support seems practical and could keep the
overhead small - but we do not want to delete anything from it

Of course, at one point in future somebody has to delete some mails from
this accounts to get rid of old stuff - so I would like to implement a
super-user that is able to do that kind of mailbox maintanance.

How would I use ACL to setup such a scenario? Is it even possible?
Or did I misunderstand IMAP shared folders completely???

Thank you very much for your attention!

Have a nice day,

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