[Dovecot] OT: Re: quota dict with mysql 4.0

Jerry dovecot.user at seibercom.net
Thu Mar 25 13:46:56 EET 2010

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 21:52:08 +1030, Daryl Tester
<dt-dovecot at handcraftedcomputers.com.au> articulated:

> Charles Marcus wrote:
> >> In my opinion, continued use of depreciated software
> > <peeve-mode>
> > It is 'deprecated', not 'depreciated'...
> > </peeve-mode>
> Perhaps he's found a way to depreciate free software?

Cool, now I have the spelling police and a troll on my tail. Perhaps
you two could get a room and beef, bellyache, carp, crab, croak, fuss,
gripe, grouse, growl, grumble, kick, moan, murmur, mutter, repine,
squawk, wail, whine, and or yammer to your heart's content.

By the way, at least I attempted to assist the OP.

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