[Dovecot] Busy looping of 2.0Beta4 on NetBSD-current

Scott Ellis scotte at intrepid.warped.com
Fri Mar 26 04:47:46 EET 2010

I built and install Dovecot 2.0Beta4 on my NetBSD/amd64-current system, 
and am seeing the user-owned imap processes busy-looping.  In Dovecot 
1.2.x (and 1.x and 0.x..) I force ionotify and ioloop to kqueue, so I 
suspected that was the problem.  Turns out it's not: Using poll or none 
also causes the same problem.

This did not happen in 1.2.8 (didn't try anything later than that).

After a quick visit to gdb, I added some i_debug() statements in 
ioloop-kqueue.c (when I had that as the notify and loop method) which 
showed that the loop was in io_loop_handler_run() .  I haven't done any 
similar debugging for the other ioloop methods, but a quick look at the 
2.0 changelog for those files doesn't raise any immediate alarms.

Any ideas what to look for here?  Timo, any ideas?  1.2.x worked 
perfectly so it's something "new" in 2.0.


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