[Dovecot] corrupted mbox

Jernej Porenta jernej.porenta at arnes.si
Fri Mar 26 14:27:34 EET 2010


we have two IMAP (UW-imap and dovecot) servers accessing the same mbox files for our users (don't ask why) and sometimes the UW-imap corrupts the mbox file. The mbox looks just like normal mbox except it does not have the proper 'From ' beginning of the file (usually there are some random tidbits in the begining of the file, which can be easily stripped to recover the working mbox).

The problem is that if we use dovecot for POP3 server, the dovecot logs the mbox corruption just fine:
POP3(username): Couldn't init INBOX: Mailbox isn't a valid mbox file

But if we use IMAP for the same mailbox, dovecot opens the file and does not report any corruption, the user on the other hand sees just empty mailbox.

So I was wondering if there are any possibilities to report mbox corruption with IMAP as well?

thanks in advance,
regards, Jernej

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