[Dovecot] quota dict with mysql 4.0

Andre Hübner andre.huebner at gmx.de
Fri Mar 26 14:32:41 EET 2010


>> i use successfully mysql-quotasystem with dovecot 1.2.11 on different 
>> servers except for mysql 4.0 servers
>> dovecot internally uses sql: "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" which was 
>> introduced in mysql 4.1

>The original code supported dict-sql only if ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE was 
>supported by the server. Later I added support for PostgreSQL and SQLite by 
>having them use INSERT triggers that >update the data if it already exists. 
>I suppose MySQL 4.0 doesn't support these kind of triggers either?

>Writing code manually to first try to UPDATE and if it fails then INSERT 
>would be possible.. But too much trouble for me to spend time on.
its a pity :(

i did now a other way. not really clean...
i removed code for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE from C-Code and splitted quota 
table into two tables.
This seems to work because the second insert stays away.
not very clean but seems to work...


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