[Dovecot] shared mailboxes, mkdir_parents problem

pattex patrick.wallura at medictronic.de
Fri Mar 26 23:08:54 EET 2010

Leo Unglaub <leo.unglaub <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Friends,
> i have a little problem with my Dovecot installation. The normal 
> installation works very well and now i have to configurate dovecot that 
> all member from a domain can access all mailboxes from this domain.

>mail_location: maildir:/var/mail/%d/%n

> namespace:
>   type: shared
>   separator: /
>   prefix: shared/mitarbeiter/%%n/
>   location: maildir:/var/mails/e-c-o.at/%%n:INDEX=/tmp/%%n

Hallo Leo 

What i have seen is, that the path in maillocations points to /var/mail/../..
the path in the shared maildir point to / var/mail(s)/../..

that doesn't work

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