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Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Sat Mar 27 09:13:25 EET 2010

Sorry, meant this to go to the list.

Timo Sirainen put forth on 3/27/2010 12:08 AM:
> On 27.3.2010, at 6.49, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>>> Tail just doesn't make much sense to me. Also it's not completely free
>>> of pornographic associations either. :)
>> No, no, totally free of pornographic connotation.  Dovetail is a type of
>> woodworking joint.  That's what the vast majority of people on planet earth
>> will associate "dovetail" with anyway.
> Maybe the native english speakers (and I'd think only a subset of them too). I had never heard of dovetail.

I'm guessing that's because you're not a woodworker, or know any. ;)  It's a
great hobby if you ever found the spare time.

>>> So my last idea: doveless. "It's less of a dovecot process." To me it
>>> seems closer to perfect as anything I've seen so far.
>> Or how about just "dovel", a crafty word smithing merge of dovecot+shovel?
>> Although I'm unsure of any parallels between the work done by this thing and
>> that performed by a shovel.  ;)  Still, it's catchy.
> I want something that's at least potentially understandable to people who understand english (and not just native speakers). I wouldn't know why some process is owned by user "dovel". That might not even make me realize it's a Dovecot process.

How about "pigeon"?  Dovecots house two kinds of birds, doves, and, far more
often, pigeons.  So, pigeon should be the new user name.  No one knows what
the heck a "dovecot" is until they look it up anyway (at least non Scots),
so using "pigeon" is in keeping with naming your server Dovecot.  There.
Now that that's settled...

Kinda related to the current subject, naming things, I personally believe
renaming all of the processes with a "dove-" or similar at the start of the
process name would be nice.  I wish Wietse would do so with Postfix as well,
although I've not mentioned it (yet).  Something like this:

dovecot		dove-main
dovecot-auth	dove-auth
imap-login	dove-imaplgn
pop3-login	dove-poplgn
imap		dove-imap
pop3		dove-pop3

Just a thought.  But a nice thought at that. :)


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