[Dovecot] Busy looping of 2.0Beta4 on NetBSD-current

Scott Ellis scotte at intrepid.warped.com
Sat Mar 27 18:07:59 EET 2010

On 3/26/2010 10:05 AM, Scott Ellis wrote:
>> On 26.3.2010, at 4.47, Scott Ellis wrote:
>> But it's not hanging anyway, just eating all CPU? I guess it's calling
>> some IO_WRITE callback all the time. You could make it do something like:
> Yeah, functionally the imap process seems to be just fine.  It's just not
> being very friendly to the CPU. :-)  I'll try and dig in a bit more this
> weekend with your suggestions.

Turns out the ioloop busy-looping was a red herring.  Makes sense given 
that any ioloop- and ioloop-notify- configuration caused the same behavior.

I haven't figured out what specifically is broken, but the inclusion use 
of the imap_zlib plugin is the culprit.  Not clear if it's a bug in the 
handling of COMPRESS, or something more internal to the use of zlib, but 
removing that plugin makes the symptom dissappear.

Thoughts on what to instrument? The debug file with mail_debug enabled 
doesn't show anything of interest by default (it looks like everything 
is fine, but clearly there is some client-initiated action which causes 
the problem).

Am open to ideas on what to try next. :-)

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