[Dovecot] permanent flags (are very permanent)

Oliver Eales jester at arcor.de
Sun Mar 28 14:17:26 EEST 2010

Am 27.03.2010 um 03:17 schrieb Timo Sirainen:
> This is pretty much the expected behavior. I've thought about this
> before though and there are a few things related to this in my TODO
> list:

Hello Timo, 
thanks for the answer. The reason for my question was, that we are working on a webmail frontend where we want to present the user a dropdown menu with his used keywords.
For that we considered just using the keywords in the server response when selecting a folder. I think as a workaround we will have to add an additional search for each keyword.

> - After reaching a certain number of keywords, the oldest unused ones
> should be removed. Especially with Maildir where the limit is 26, but
> perhaps others could also try to avoid allocating extra bytes for them
> in index file.
> - Maybe instead of, or in addition to the above, remove keywords
> automatically that haven't been used for n days.
> - Add a way to explicitly add/remove keywords (IMAP extension?)

That is what i was looking for while reading the RFCs and didn't find anything.

Oliver Eales

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