[Dovecot] dovecot: auth(default): Fatal: Unknown database driver 'mysql'

Glen Lee Edwards glen at holiness.ch
Mon Mar 29 18:51:33 EEST 2010

Pascal Volk wrote:
> On 03/29/2010 04:53 PM Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
>> Pascal Volk wrote:
>>> On 03/29/2010 04:29 PM Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
>>>> $ /usr/local/sbin/dovecot --build-options | tail -n4
>>>> SQL drivers:
>>>> Passdb: checkpassword pam passwd passwd-file shadow sql
>>>> Userdb: nss passwd passwd-file prefetch sql static
>>> You have built Dovecot w/o SQL drivers. Use one or more of the following
>>> configure options:
>>>   --with-pgsql	Build with PostgreSQL driver support
>>>   --with-mysql	Build with MySQL driver support
>>>   --with-sqlite	Build with SQLite3 driver support
>>> Regards,
>>> Pascal
>> ???  :-[
> You wrote, you've tried to upgrade from 1.1.rc6 to v1.2.11. How did you
> try it? Building Dovecot from source or installing from prebuilt binaries?
> When you build Dovecot from its source code, the first step is to run
> the configure script, in order the enable/disable the stuff you want.
> (see also: http://wiki.dovecot.org/CompilingSource)
> Regards,
> Pascal

I downloaded the source from dovecot.org.  I'm a Linux hobbyist -
I work full time in an unrelated field.  After putting in a 12 hour day
at work, I came home and worked on the computer for another 8+
hours on other things before realizing that I needed to upgrade
dovecot.  By then I was tired enough that I just missed the
obvious.  Most of what I install I use the provided deb packages.
A few programs I prefer to try to stay more current, so I usually
build them from the source code provided by the program's home

Thanks for propping up my missing brain cells.  1.2.11 is up and

Also, I forgot that not everyone sees the emails the way I send them.
The ":-[" in my last letter showed as an embarrassed smiley here.  The
"??? :-["  was supposed to convey initial confusion followed by
embarrassment as I realized just how simple and obvious the fix was.


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