[Dovecot] Dovecot 2.0 zlib and dbox

Renaud Allard renaud at allard.it
Tue Mar 30 01:01:11 EEST 2010


As per wiki instructions, I tried to enable zlib compression of mails by 
adding/modifying the following snippets of configuration:
plugin {
   zlib_save_level = 6
   zlib_save = gz


protocol imap {
   mail_plugins = fts fts_squat autocreate zlib imap_zlib
   imap_id_log = *

I am using dbox format and delivering the mails via dovecot deliver, 
however mails don't seem compressed at all. It is not very clear if 
compression is available for something else than maildir and mbox, so is 
compression available with dbox format?

I am using dovecot-2-0-aefa279e2c70 from hg.

Best Regards

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