[Dovecot] Bug: Fixed a duplicate

Tom Sommer mail at tomsommer.dk
Sat May 28 22:16:29 EEST 2011

I restored a dovecot mailserver today, and when I started the server 
again, the logs filled up with "Fixed a duplicate" warnings.

This in itself it not a problem, the problem is that it appears the fix 
is not done correct. Consider this:

Warning: Fixed a duplicate: 
[X]/cur/1305907573.V807I37682f3M146183.mail8.xxx.com:2,S -> 

The problem appears to be the timestamp of this new file isn't updated 

Now I got hundreds of mailboxes filled with mails named 1305907573.* 
with random (in the past) timestamps, leading to mangled miss-sorted 
inboxes for customers.

3575 May 25 02:05 1306600913.M982997P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S
55313 May  6 01:50 1306600913.M982998P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S
9839 May  7 23:59 1306600913.M982999P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S
3453 May 10 01:32 1306600913.M983000P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S
16616 May 14 00:22 1306600913.M983001P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S
68850 May 25 00:46 1306600913.M983002P26976.mail8.xxx.com:2,S

Dovecot is v. 2.0.11

I guess I should have deleted all dovecot.* files after the restore, 
before I started dovecot?

// Tom

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