[Dovecot] Can anyone tell me quick, if the howto on dovecot.org is actual:

Marko Weber weber at zackbummfertig.de
Wed Feb 1 14:32:47 EET 2012

Thank you,
i ask because in the first Part is written:

At the time of writing this document we use these versions of the 
required software (probably newer versions also usable):

CentOS 4.4 (or RHEL 4 update 4 or Fedora 6)
Apache 2.0.52
PHP 5.1.6
MySQL 5.0.22
Dovecot 1.0rc15

And i think , config syntax and organisation of config changed alot 
from 1.x to 2.x , or ?

Am 01.02.2012 13:18, schrieb Charles Marcus:
> On 2012-02-01 7:11 AM, Marko Weber <weber at zackbummfertig.de> wrote:
>> Is this Howto 
>> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/HowTo/DovecotLDAPostfixAdminMySQL
>> actual also for Dovecot 2.x ?
> wiki2. stuff is for dovecot 2.x...
> wiki. stuff is for dovecot 1.x...

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