[Dovecot] Temporary forbid some users login ?

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Wed Feb 1 21:56:53 EET 2012

On Wed, Feb 01, 2012 at 12:55:44PM +0100, Joseba Torre wrote:
> El 01/02/12 06:55, Frank Bonnet escribió:
> >
> >is there a way to forbid SOME ( not all ) users's login with 
> >dovecot 2 ? I need to move their IMAP folders to another place 
> >with more disk space but I don't want to stop dovecot IMAP
> >service for the other users as the moving process will be a
> >bit long ( 1 Tb to move )
> Take a look to conf.d/auth-deny.conf.ext
> You can setup a new passdb (a passwd-file can do it) with deny
> = yes, and add/remove users to that passwd-file as needed.

Heh, funny, three different answers in this thread and AFAICT they 
are all correct to some extent.

I think the "passdb { deny=yes }" is the best answer. I implemented 
this in SQL using a tri-state "active" column. Standard "active=1" 
means the MTA accepts mail and the user can login. "active=0" will 
disable both. The third state, "active=-1" has the MTA continuing to 
accept mail, but triggers my deny=yes passdb.
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