[Dovecot] converting from mbox to maildir ?

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at esiee.fr
Thu Feb 2 18:22:03 EET 2012

Le 02/02/2012 11:10 AM, Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> On Thu, 2012-02-02 at 10:33 +0100, Frank Bonnet wrote:
>>> dsync works for that too:
>>> 1. dsync backup all users somewhere
>>> 2. wait close to the time you can shut down dovecot
>>> 3. dsync backup all users the second time
>>> 4. shutdown dovecot and MTA
>>> 5. dsync backup once more (hopefully this will be relatively quick)
>>> The idea is that you can do incremental dsync backups. You'll of course
>>> need to do this in a way that you don't run out of disk space..
>> Well I have NFS access to a Netapp filer with a LOT of disk space
>> I need some modifications in my dovecot configuration to use NFS
>> I think ?
> No need for any modifications. As long as you don't have multiple
> Dovecots in different servers accessing the same mails via NFS, there's
> no trouble.
>> mmap_disable = yes
> Looks like you also have this already enabled. This is recommended (not
> required) with NFS, but if you're not normally using NFS at all you
> shouldn't enable this.
OK thank you

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