[Dovecot] Doubts about dsync, mdbox, SIS

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at tanso.net
Fri Feb 3 14:42:16 EET 2012

On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 02:41:11PM +0200, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> >> That is most likely related to your troubles. If the dsync runs crash,
> >> the result could leave extra files lying around etc..
> > 
> > If dsync backup is supposed to be a viable backup solution, I think it
> > should fail much better. If it see errors on the target side it should
> > clear the target and do a full sync. Manually cleaning up after it's
> > problems is too much work.
> Of course. But if no one gives me enough information to reproduce problems, I can't really fix anything. I don't really have time to spend guessing ways to make it break. I've been using dsync to backup my own mails for over a year, with zero problems.

I'm reducing the complexity now, removing SIS and starting the backups
from scratch again. I'll start posting the problems I see over the

> >>> 	Error: Mailboxes don't have unique GUIDs: 08b46439069d3d4db0490000e671bf84 is shared by INBOX and INBOX
> What about:
> doveadm mailbox status -u user at domain guid '*'
> in source server?

	INBOX			guid=08b46439069d3d4db0490000e671bf84
	INBOX.Sent		guid=e8f6e431bf6e014f2d780000e671bf84
	INBOX.Trash		guid=c858f2234a1d5d4e1547000058d3d19f
	INBOX.Drafts		guid=e9f6e431bf6e014f2d780000e671bf84
	INBOX.Spam		guid=eaf6e431bf6e014f2d780000e671bf84
	INBOX.Sent Messages	guid=d837512bed7d674e685c000058d3d19f
	INBOX.INBOX.Sent Messages guid=ebf6e431bf6e014f2d780000e671bf84
	INBOX.Notes		guid=c0d2250109645e4eed5c000058d3d19f

> in dest server? Does one list show two INBOXes or otherwise duplicate GUIDs? Perhaps this was a bug in v2.0.14..

Scratched dest server before I replied.. sorry. 

> >>> 	Error: Failed to sync mailbox INBOX.ferie 2006.: Invalid mailbox name
> >> 
> >> Is this a namespace prefix? It shouldn't be trying to sync a mailbox
> >> named this (there's an extra "." suffix).
> > 
> > I believe it's a folder named "INBOX.ferie 2006.", with the user using
> > the namespace separator in the folder name..  I believe dovecot allows
> > this, so it should also handle backing it up.
> It has never been possible to create such folder via Dovecot. IMAP protocol itself prevents that. "CREATE foo." will end up creating "foo", not "foo." If you manually mkdir that, it's not possible to access the mailbox in any way via Dovecot. Everything will simply fail as:

Oh, sorry.. then this is a problem created by @mail, which poked
directly in the filesystem. Guess we'll have to clean these up manually.


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