[Dovecot] user login on behalf of another user

rog7993 at web.de rog7993 at web.de
Wed Feb 8 01:02:01 EET 2012


Am 06.02.2012 16:05, schrieb Timo Sirainen:
> Master user doesn't necessarily have access to all users' mailboxes.
> In the passdb lookup you can decide if this master user is allowed to
> be this destination user. For example if you used passdb
> checkpassword, you could look at USER and MASTER_USER environment
> variables to figure out if this combination should be allowed or not.
> The checkpassword script can also do the actual authentication via
> PAM (I'd think there's a way to call it somehow).

Thank you. I got an idea, how I could configure this.


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