[Dovecot] openbsd and dovecot

Maxim a23s4a2008 at yandex.ru
Wed Feb 8 20:56:40 EET 2012

07.02.2012 0:27, Timo Sirainen пишет:
> On 3.2.2012, at 15.15, User Max wrote:
>> Feb  3 15:02:37 srv-mx-00 dovecot: auth: Error: bsdauth(rodin.m, getpwnam() failed: Operation not permitted
> service auth {
>    user = root
> }
> Does this make any difference? If it does help, there's a bug somewhere. If it doesn't help, then there's something else weird going on.
No, it didn't help. Might it be that I need to edit any system files in 
/etc directory? When I set up dovecot on debian I had to edit 
/etc/pam.d/dovecot file accordingly to enable kerberos authentication 
for mail users in Active Directory. Someone suggested that I edit 
/etc/login.conf file in OpenBSD to enable kerberos for dovecot. But I've 
no idea of how these edits should look like.

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