[Dovecot] Issues with SIS and Backups - was Re: v2.1.0 status

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Feb 12 15:43:51 EET 2012

Hi Timo,

One thing that concerns me right now about my main clients site that I 
will soon be migrating from courier-imap to dovecot is the 
message/thread a while back about the problems with SIS and backups. I 
am trying to decide between using dovecot's SIS, or using mimedefang's 
ability to replace attachments with hyperlinks to them (storing them on 
a webserver - still not clear on exactly how it works or the security 
implications of doing so). It looks like using mimedefang would 
eliminate the problem with backups, and would provide the added benefit 
of eliminating large file attachments for external recipients as well, 
however I'm concerned about security - ie, how do you limit access to 
these attachments to only the recipients of the message with the 
hyperlink in it?

Anyway here is the thread outlining the problem with dovecot's SIS and 


Have you given this any more thought?


Best regards,


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