[Dovecot] Lost in configuration

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Sun Feb 12 17:42:39 EET 2012

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 02:52:54PM +0100, forumer at smartmobili.com 
> I am trying to configure dovecot/postfix with virtual users and 
> sasl auth but there are so many tutorials with mistakes and subtle 
> differences that at the end I am lost.

All the more reason to stick to each project's official 
documentation. The sad reality is that most such tutorials you will 
find are written by people who should not be writing documentation.

> So I am running Ubuntu server 11.04 (natty) and when I installed my 
> server I had followed the following guide 
> http://workaround.org/ispmail/etch

One of the better ones; I know the author, and he is reasonably 
competent. But are you sure you need and "ISP-style" mail server? 
Perhaps something simpler makes sense to begin with.


> Then I have migrated to dovecot 2.1 and now I am trying to allow 
> authenticated user to use my smtp server because for the moment I 
> get : Relay access denied

A Postfix issue, or possibly somewhat on topic here if you are using 
Dovecot SASL. You do not seem to know whether you are or not. This 
might be because you are mixing and confusing different tutorials 
without understanding what they are doing and why.
> Here is my configuration (first is file hierarchy followed by
> file contents) and I would like to know what I need to do to
> allow authenticated user send email.


> In this tutorial
> http://library.linode.com/email/postfix/dovecot-mysql-ubuntu-10.04-lucid#sph_configure-saslauthd-to-use-mysql

I have not reviewed this one, but the anchor title is patently 
absurd. If you are using Postfix and Dovecot, there is NEVER any 
reason to use Cyrus SASL's saslauthd. Consider that one useless.

The rest of this is not worth answering. You went off on a Cyrus 
tangent which is pointless (and never on topic for this list!) Start 
over with a better understanding of what you need.
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