[Dovecot] Question about mdbox alt storage in Dovecot 2.0

Javier Miguel Rodríguez javierdemiguel at us.es
Sun Feb 12 23:38:58 EET 2012



Reading 2.1rc6 changelog I see this: 

mdbox: When saving
to alt storage, Dovecot didn't append as much
 data to m.* files as it
could have.

Could you elaborate more on this? Has been ported to
Dovecot 2.0?



On Sun, 12 Feb 2012 23:01:10 +0200, Timo
Sirainen wrote: 

http://dovecot.org/releases/2.1/rc/dovecot-2.1.rc6.tar.gz [1]
http://dovecot.org/releases/2.1/rc/dovecot-2.1.rc6.tar.gz.sig [2]
I've finally finished all of my email backlog. If you haven't received
an answer to some question/bugreport, resend the mail.
> This is
hopefully the last v2.1 RC. If I don't receive any (serious) bug reports
about this release in next few days, I'll just change the version number
to v2.1.0 (and maybe update man pages, some are still missing..)
I'll also create dovecot-2.2 hg repository today and add some pending
patches from Stephan there and start doing some early spring cleaning in
there. :)
> Since v2.1.rc5 there have been lots of small fixes and
logging improvements, but I also did a few bigger things since they
really had to be done soon and I didn't want v2.2.0 release to be only a
few months after v2.1.0 with barely any new features.
> * Added
automatic mountpoint tracking and doveadm mount commands to
> manage the
list. If a mountpoint is unmounted, error handling is
> done by assuming
that the files are only temporarily lost. This is
> especially helpful
if dbox alt storage becomes unmounted.
> * Expire plugin: Only go
through users listed by userdb iteration.
> Delete dict rows for
nonexistent users, unless
> expire_keep_nonexistent_users=yes.
> * LDA's
out-of-quota mails now include DSN report instead of MDN.
> + LDAP:
Allow building passdb/userdb extra fields from multiple LDAP
attributes by using %{ldap:attributeName} variables in the template.
> +
doveadm log errors shows the last 1000 warnings and errors since
Dovecot was started.
> + Improved multi-instance support: Track
automatically which instances
> are started up and manage the list with
doveadm instance commands.
> All Dovecot commands now support -i
parameter to
> select the instance (instead of having to use -c ).
> See
instance_name setting.
> + doveadm mailbox delete: Added -r parameter to
delete recursively
> + doveadm acl: Added "add" and "remove" commands.
+ Updated to Unicode v6.1
> - mdbox: When saving to alt storage, Dovecot
didn't append as much
> data to m.* files as it could have.
> - dbox:
Fixed error handling when saving failed or was aborted
> - IMAP: Using
COMPRESS extension may have caused assert-crashes
sometimes returned invalid (0) nodes.
> - dsync: Fixed handling
non-ASCII characters in mailbox names.
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