[Dovecot] Synchronization error in NFS

Andy YB Hu ybhu at hk1.ibm.com
Tue Feb 14 04:39:01 EET 2012

Another question is about the director failover. In
you said: "The main complexity here comes from how to handle proxy server
failures in different situations. Those are less interesting to describe
and I haven't yet implemented all of it, so let's just assume that in
future it all works perfectly."   So currently there is no good way to
handle the director failover,  or any 3rd party solution like poolmon by
Brad Davidson for health monitoring of backend servers?


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On 10.2.2012, at 10.08, Andy YB Hu wrote:

> Searched the archive, and got the doveadm -a director-admin for local
> doveadm access, and -a host: port for remote doveadm access.

You can give -c parameter also to doveadm (and all other Dovecot programs
as well).

> And you said: http://dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2010-July/050731.html
> Now in my director, I have configed the userdb passwd, but the same error
> occur:
> doveadm(root): Error: User listing returned failure
> doveadm(root): Error: user listing failed
> And in the log: Feb 10 07:45:25 auth: Error: Trying to iterate users, but
> userdbs don't support it

I'm guessing that it's connecting to wrong Dovecot's auth process. Use
doveadm -c instead of -a.

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