[Dovecot] IMAP-proxy or not with sogo webmail and dovecot backend

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Feb 14 05:23:16 EET 2012

On 14.2.2012, at 5.19, Michael M Slusarz wrote:

>> b login (SAVEDSTATE 1234567890) user pass
> I guess the drawback for this approach is that you are explicitly breaking the LOGIN definition.  

No breaking, extending :)

> And you don't allow reviving the state if using the AUTHENTICATE command.

Just as easy:

b authenticate (savedstate ..) plain ..

> The alternative would be to have an additional pre-authentication command that sets the desired state.  But that adds the overhead of sending/parsing another command.

Yeah. Although not bad either, since you can pipeline that command + login/authenticate.

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