[Dovecot] 2.1.rc5 Cannot delete folders from trash

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Tue Feb 14 22:40:02 EET 2012

On 2/14/2012 12:06 PM, Willie Gillespie wrote:
> On 2/13/2012 8:34 PM, Daniel L. Miller wrote:
>> I'm fighting the same issue. With the current release (2.1rc6) no errors
>> are logged - but I'm having problems deleted folders from trash. I've
>> enabled tb-extra-mailbox-sep. Two folders that were previously in Trash
>> were successfully removed. I deleted four more - after several
>> Thunderbird restarts, compacts, refreshes, I have killed three of them -
>> there is still one folder that won't "die". Thunderbird reports the
>> mailbox doesn't exist, yet it continues to appear.
> Out of curiosity -- does the mailbox actually exist if you look on the 
> Dovecot server?
> Secondly, is it listed in your subscription file?

At one time - yes they were.  After further playing, they do not exist 
in the on-disk folder structure, nor in the subscription file.  But 
still show in the client - with errors.

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