[Dovecot] index synchronization during local delivery

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Feb 15 06:25:29 EET 2012

On 15.2.2012, at 6.13, Andy YB Hu wrote:

> I can generate the UID once I create the uidlist lock, and the UID is
> incremental globally.
> Some questions:
> 1, Whether I can  write the mail to tmp/ after creating
> dovecot-uidlist.lock?

Yes, then you'll just keep the lock longer than necessary.

> 2, I did the 5 steps manually, found that new mail is set to OLD flag, so
> that when SELECT command, it told there was no NEW mail.  Looks like need
> to change code in maildir_uidlist_sync_next_uid()?

I guess that means that the mail didn't get a \Recent flag. Wht Dovecot version is this? Are you saving the mail to new/?

> 3, About the dovecot-uidlist.lock file creation and deletion, I checked the
> code, there are functions in dovecot like maildir_uidlist_lock_timeout and
> maildir_uidlist_unlock. If I did that via calling these functions, there
> are lots of extra codes need to call(like auth, mailbox open...).

Yes, way too much work to do that way.

> So the
> question is if I do that in my codes, how to handle the race condition
> correctly? (At least there would be other sessions want to lock the files
> also / already locked it while I want to create the dovecot-uidlist.lock)

It's a typical dotlock file. You can create it with either open(.., O_EXCL) or creating a temp file and trying to link() it to the .lock file. Or you can also directly call the file_dotlock_create() in src/lib/file-dotlock.h

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