[Dovecot] domain quota in sql

Adam Szpakowski as at 3a.pl
Wed Feb 15 10:07:04 EET 2012

On 15.02.2012 08:47, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Hi i am not sure what are trying to goal
> with domain quota, if you setup your accounts i.e with postfixadmin etc
> then its up to the gui logic , stopping postmasters to setup more
> accounts ( with quotas ) as you ( the superadmin ) want.
My fault, I should add some "big picture" info.
We are using admin panel based on iRedMail Panel, and want to show quota 
usage on the domain level.
Quota enforcing is only on user level and this part works nicely.
What I need is to have in dbase live data which allows me to get quota 
usage on the domain level to show it in the admin panel.
The problem is, that this operation must not by db intensive. Getting 
entire db and the processing it with some script is fine for daily 
reports but not for "live" view.

My example with doveadm for quota recalc was only a way to show how the 
problem can be triggered. We are not using doveadm for this purpose.

> For everything else user quotas usally are enough
> thinkable maybe calculation of all users quotas in dict from one domain
> in a sql postfix query table to stop deliver in more mail, but i dont
> think this makes real sense
In future the quota enforcement on domain level could be a nice add-on, 
but for now it is not so important for us.

Adam Szpakowski

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