[Dovecot] Something is strange - perhaps my AMD processors ?

Finn_Buhelt privat finn_buhelt at privat.dk
Mon Feb 20 01:19:17 EET 2012

Hi Julio.

I'm not sure what You're asking.

Can You specify and I will provide the information.  I'm so puzzled 
since this is easy to install and I have done so before without many issues.

I think I'd better get the source and go through it .

Finn B

On 02/18/2012 05:30 PM, Julio C. Ortega wrote:
>> Dovecot.log
>> master: Error: Service(auth): command startup failed, throttling
>> log: Error: Service(auth): child 1859 returned error 89 (Fatal failure)
>> pop3-login: Error: Timeout waiting for handshake from auth server. my
>> pid=1858, input bytes=0
>> Regards,
>> Finn B
> Could you check how it's vpopmail connecting?
> Looks like a SSL related thing with it.
> HTH,

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