[Dovecot] virtual plugin and shared namespace

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Feb 21 02:44:28 EET 2012

On 20.2.2012, at 13.59, l.chelchowski at eurocar.pl wrote:

> I have a problem with virtual plugin and geting mails form shared namespace.
> dovecot-virtual:
> ----
> Shared/*
> Public/*
> *
> When I enter the virtual mailbox Unread I get this debug info:
> virtual mailbox Virtual/Unread: Skipping non-existing mailbox Shared/test at domain.pl/

* matches only within namespace. Shared/* matches only the entries directly under Shared/, i.e. Shared/test at domain.pl itself. Shared/test at domain.pl/* would again be a separate namespace.

> Is it a bug or misconfig?

Maybe a "missing feature" :) I guess Shared/* should match all autocreated child namespaces.. This should help:

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