[Dovecot] Failing: doveadm sync <--remote host--> dsync mirror

Michael Grimm trashcan at odo.in-berlin.de
Wed Feb 22 00:03:52 EET 2012

Hi --

On 21.02.2012, at 22:57, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 21.2.2012, at 23.48, Michael Grimm wrote:

>> But, now I do end with a message like ...
>> 	vmail> dsync -v -f -u test mirror ssh vmail at remote-host.tld dsync -v -f -u test
>> 	usage: dsync [-C <alt char>] [-m <mailbox>] [-u <user>] [-frRv]
>> 	 mirror <local mail_location> | [<user>@]<host> | <remote dsync command>
>> 	dsync-local(test): Error: read() from worker server failed: EOF
>> ... irrespectively if I use the old "dsync" or the new "doveadm sync".
>> Ok, this is still a mixed 2.0.18 <--remote host--> 2.1.0 setup,
> Probably intentional. Even if it didn't give that error message, it would fail because v2.0 and v2.1 uses a slightly different protocol (I thought about making it backwards compatible, but that seemed like too much work and too much ugliness to code).

Ok. Then I will try both servers upgraded to 2.1 within the next days. Thanks for that valuable info that I really missed, sorry.

>> but as long I didn't get your http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Upgrading/2.1 wrong, it *should* work that way.
> Added it there.


And thanks again,

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