[Dovecot] Where did the message end up?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Feb 22 01:32:56 EET 2012

On 21.2.2012, at 14.56, Dag Nygren wrote:

> Just migrated out UW-IMAP installation to Dovecot and so far so good.
> Had small teething problems though which left me with one question.
> The scenario was that I have a set of public folders that are only needed by 
> the main company group (gid = company). Then there are some external users as 
> well, not directly in the company group.

So this is in a public namespace?

> I set up the public mailbox with permissions 660, owner me and group 
> "company". That is the externals didn't have access to the mail folder.
> At this point all looked fine, but later there was an email to an external 
> person and this was passed on to deliver by procmail. Procmail logs says all 
> was OK, but there is an entry about the public folder not accessible in the 
> Dovecot log. The email is nowhere to be found.

Exact error message would be helpful. Was the error from deliver, or imap/pop3? If it was from deliver, it probably returned temporary failure.

> Where is the delivered email?

Have you checked what happens if deliver tempfails (e.g. make procmail call tempfail.sh script that just exits with 75), does procmail also correctly tempfail and tell MTA to retry the delivery later?

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