[Dovecot] remove messages once downloaded

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Feb 26 13:52:37 EET 2012

On 25/02/2012 00:39, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 24.2.2012, at 19.44, julioarr at fisica.uh.cu wrote:
>> I need some help with the dovecot configuration. I want to remove
>> downloaded messages from Mail Server once the messages have been
>> successfully downloaded by pop3-clients, even when the clients have been
>> configured to save copy of messages in the Server.
> Not possible.

If you were thinking about longer term TODOs then I have a similar 
problem (just adding a "me too"...)

In my industry, competing solutions offer a kind of server side "been 
downloaded" notification when customers have actually downloaded (ie 
"read" via POP) the message.  The customers are all on the far side of 
expensive satellite links, so this serves as an inexpensive proxy for 
"message read" notifications.

Is it feasible to implement both of these solutions using the current 
plugin architecture?

I think our competition implement such features because they are 
Exchange based and I believe you can write server side hooks in various 
scripting languages quite easily (I personally don't like the idea, but 
someone obviously did it once and it rolled from there...) - this 
obviously harking to the "is it feasible to imagine some higher level 
hook solution for simpler plugin creation" suggestion from a few days ago?

All these "do something when it's accessed" or "do something when it's 
deleted" problems all feel kind of related to me (ie we need some hook 
which runs on a per message basis). Perhaps someone smarter than me can 
think of a better way to unify them?


Ed W

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