[Dovecot] GSSAPI auth failing for kmail

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Feb 27 13:11:47 EET 2012

On 27.2.2012, at 12.50, Mark Davies wrote:

> On 02/27/12 23:32, Timo Sirainen wrote:
>> Looks like kmail is sending some kind of garbage to Dovecot. Set
>> auth_debug_passwords=yes to make Dovecot log the auth traffic.
> Yeah, I did a network trace and it seems kmail is not sending the
> full authentication request before trying to carry on.

>> 8	0.043625	IMAP	898	Request: 1 AUTHENTICATE GSSAPI YIICWgYJKoZIhvcSAQICAQBuggJJMI[...]jLyNiRZFsc9zFxpdwrZAB/WXRRS1zsM4SlDfE59CW1xfKAkqe

It uses SASL-IR to send the first seponse.

>> 9	0.044919	IMAP	70	Response: + 

Dovecot says "OK, give me more".

>> 10	0.045413	IMAP	80	Request: 2 LIST "" ""

kmail thinks the authentication is done and sends LIST command, even though it should finish the authentication. Clearly a kmail bug.

You could try what happens if you remove SASL-IR from Dovecot's imap_capability list. Maybe kmail is buggy only with SASL-IR.

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