[Dovecot] LDA alias resolution problems..

Tom Hendrikx tom at whyscream.net
Mon Feb 27 16:26:13 EET 2012

On 27/02/12 12:06, Nick Warr wrote:
> I use postfix + dovecot LDA + mysql virtual users and up til friday,
> everything was working just fine.
> Dovecot is 2.0.beta6 (3156315704ef)
> Like I said, up til friday, when I added a vacation entry into postfix
> (which I have now removed to see if it was the reason) mails to the
> alias virusalert (which is aliased to me) went through just fine.
> Now I get these sort of errors from the LDA:
> Feb 27 11:54:03 cluster2 postfix/pipe[31267]: 866F0A41173:
> to=<virusalert at mobilia.it>, relay=dovecot, delay=357414,
> delays=357413/0.79/0/0.05, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary
> failure. Command output: lda: Fatal: Unknown user )
> Other aliases work perfectly, the only difference is that these emails
> are of local origin, (they're messages from Amavisd) I'm not sure why
> this has started to be a problem.

Usually, aliases are processed by postfix, and dovecot only gets e-mail 
for actual users, not aliases. Depending on how your mail processing 
flow works, mail generated by amavis might not visit postfix before it 
hits dovecot...


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