[Dovecot] Multiple locations, 2 servers - planning questions...

Adam Szpakowski as at 3a.pl
Mon Feb 27 19:59:14 EET 2012

On 27.02.2012 17:54, Charles Marcus wrote:
> These two locations will be connected via a private Gb ethernet 
> connection, and each location will have its own internet connection (I 
> think - still waiting on some numbers to present to the owner to see 
> what he wants to do in that regard, but that will be my 
> recommendation), so bandwidth for replication won't be an issue.

I do have a basic question... How many users will be in this new, remote 
location? Will the traffic be so vast, that 1GbE link will not be 
enough, or are you using two servers for reliability?

The simpler the configuration, it is almost always the better. Maybe you 
can stay with one server in yours primary location?

Adam Szpakowski

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