[Dovecot] remove messages once downloaded

Thomas Leuxner tlx at leuxner.net
Tue Feb 28 10:46:00 EET 2012

Am 28.02.2012 um 09:17 schrieb Nick Warr:
> Il 28/02/2012 9.09, Jacek Osiecki ha scritto:
>> On Fri, 24 Feb 2012, Michael Sidoric wrote:
>>>> I need some help with the dovecot configuration. I want to remove
>>>> downloaded messages from Mail Server once the messages have been
>>>> successfully downloaded by pop3-clients, even when the clients have been
>>>> configured to save copy of messages in the Server.
> I'd suggest this:
> http://archivemail.sourceforge.net/
> You can chose to skip unread email, and decide when read mail gets archived/deleted, it suports mbox/maildir, etc..

Assuming this is the task you could also use:

$ doveadm expunge -u jane.doe at example.org before 2012-02-01 unseen

Play around with the scope a bit before you actually run it:

$ doveadm search -u jane.doe at example.org before 2012-02-01 unseen | wc -l
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