[Dovecot] POP/IMAP on proxy rip issue

Tomislav Mihalicek tomislav.mihalicek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 11:23:18 EET 2012

Mhm, thanks for the answer. I wanted to upgrade to 2.1 anyway because of the


Urban Loesch-2 wrote:
> Same here on 2.0.x.
> But I think this is because it's only implemented for IMAP.
> See e-mail from Timo 2 days ago:
> ...
> Subject: Proxying improvements in v2.1.2
> I just committed a couple of features that will make life easier for some
> types of proxying setups:
> 1. IMAP proxying has already for a while supported sending local/remote
> IP/port to backend server, which can use it for logging and other
> purposes. 
> I've now implemented this for POP3 as well, although only the remote
> IP/port is forwarded, not local IP/port. I implemented this also for LMTP
> in v2.2 
> tree, but haven't bothered to backport that change. Both POP3 and LMTP
> uses XCLIENT command that is compatible to Postfix's (XCLIENT ADDR= 
> PORT=110).
> 2. proxy_maybe=yes + host=host.example.com actually works now. As long as
> host.example.com DNS lookup returns one IP that belongs to the current 
> server the proxying is skipped.
> 3. auth_proxy_self = setting means that if proxy_maybe=yes and
> host= then Dovecot assumes that this is a local login and won't
> proxy 
> it, even if isn't the actual local IP. This can be helpful if the
> host field contains load balancer's IP address instead of the server's.
> You 
> can add more than one IP (space separated) and of course everything
> related to this works just as well with hostnames as with IPs (even when
> hostname 
> expands to multiple IPs).
> ....
> regards
> Urban
> On 27.02.2012 16:30, Tomislav Mihalicek wrote:
>> I have a proxy setup for pop/imap. The proxies are defined in
>> login_trusted_networks = x.x.x.x and for the imap it works fine but for
>> pop3
>> connections displays the ip address of proxy IP... Dovecots are both 1.2
>> from the debian repo deb http://xi.rename-it.nl/debian/
>> stable-auto/dovecot-1.2 main
>> thanks

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