[Dovecot] Uncompressing dboxes

Lauri Alanko la at iki.fi
Wed Feb 1 17:43:20 EET 2012


I have an mdbox directory that has been created with the zlib plugin  
active, using bzip2 compression. I would now like to convert these  
into uncompressed mdbox format. How do I do this? I have tried  
unsetting all zlib-related configuration options, but dsync still  
produces compressed mdbox at the other end, too.

I guess I could convert to mbox, and then back to mdbox, but for  
certain reasons I'm not very enthusiastic about doing anything  
mbox-related with dovecot any more.

(Incidentally, it's a bit funny that when the zlib plugin is enabled,  
dsync automatically creates compressed dboxes, and even compressed  
maildirs (which is pretty useless), but not compressed mboxes,  
although that's where compression would be most beneficial.)



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