[Dovecot] Site-wide configurable Sieve

Gedalya gedalya at gedalya.net
Wed Feb 1 23:03:17 EET 2012


I need some sieve actions to be specified per-user, but exposing actual 
sieve scripts to users is of the question.

For example, I need to be able to either put spam messages into a spam 
folder, or discard them, based on user preference. Presumably this would 
be done using Sieve. As I understand, it's not possible to query a 
database from within a sieve script.

If I can't use a single global script, I can imagine automatically 
generating per-user scripts when settings are saved in a GUI (e.g. 
webmail) and store them on the dovecot machine. This would work but I 
would love to hear if someone has a smarter, more robust idea.



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