[Dovecot] dsync error Mailbox has children, delete them first

Jürgen Obermann Juergen.Obermann at hrz.uni-giessen.de
Tue Feb 7 11:13:24 EET 2012

Am 13.12.2011 11:47, schrieb Jürgen Obermann:
> Hi,
> I use dsync to backup mailboxes from mbox format to mdbox on a remote
> system. The first run for a user with dsync is OK, but during the
> second there are lots of the following errors:
> dsync-remote(user): Error: Can't delete mailbox directory Example:
> Mailbox has children, delete them first
> I see no way how I could influence the order dsync deletes mailboxes.
> This happens with dovecot version 2.0.16
> Thank you,
> Juergen Obermann

after upgrade to dovecot 2.0.17 this problem went away.
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