[Dovecot] LSUB and subscribed folders

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Feb 9 03:59:30 EET 2012


I've finally gotten to last year's mail backlog. :)

On 22.12.2011, at 14.34, Peer Heinlein wrote:

> User "bar" has some folders and one shared folder from "foo" if I use the 
> "LIST"-command, which should list AFAIK *all* folders:


> Using the LSUB-command, which should only list subscribed folders I can see 
> some more shared folders. AFAIK the output of LSUB must be always less then 

As Michael mentioned, LSUB can show some nonexistent mailboxes also that haven't been unsubscribed.

> And why is /shared/foo/INBOX listed with "HasNoChildren"? 

It has no visible existing children (the LSUB entries didn't exist or no longer had necessary ACLs).

> And, btw: Looks like's not possible to use the "doveadm"-command to get a 
> list of a user's complete folder list. Maybe "doveadm mailbox" should get 
> some extra parameters to geht all folders / only subscribe folders / only 
> shared folders:

Yes, that would be nice .. but maybe this is enough for now:

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