[Dovecot] folder hierarchies with migration from cyrus to dovecot2

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrosenauer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:46:01 EET 2012


I finally migrated my IMAP server from cyrus to dovecot2. I have been
using cyrus since many years and have not much experience with dovecot
yet though.

I've converted my imap server using cyrus2dovecot (several times until
I thought it was correct) but there is one thing left which confuses
me and I'm not sure what I can or need to do to change it.

With Cyrus I used
unixhierarchysep: yes
and subfolders within Cyrus are always below INBOX.

I'm used to that in my IMAP clients and wanted to preserve it with
Dovecot. So during migration I finally made sure to create the
subfolder again below INBOX wich looks fine in Thunderbird for
But my mobile devices (Android based with K9) were displaying the
folders with Cyrus just with their name w/o the INBOX prefix. (Mobile
clients are bad in displaying folder hierarchies so it was convenient
to have them looking like they were in parallel to the Inbox.)
Now I get the folders displayed as INBOX.whatever and my Android mail
clients fail to map them to the special (and localized) folders like
While that seems consistent to my current hierarchy it's not what I wanted.

So basically my two questions are:
- Can I configure Dovecot in a way that it looks like Cyrus? Having
subfolders below Inbox but let clients like those on Android display
them besides Inbox?
- If that's not possible, can I move the subfolders up one level so
they are next to the Inbox? How would I do that?

Sorry for the beginner questions. I played around with Dovecot before
but using it in production environment disclosed some fine


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