[Dovecot] Problems sending email direct into publich folders

Kuran, Fabian fabian at eideo.de
Mon Feb 13 10:00:25 EET 2012

> Depends on how you want to do this.. For example all mails intended to be put to public namespace could be sent > to a "publicuser" named user, which has write permissions to the public namespace. Then you'll simply create a > sieve script for the publicuser which redirects the mails to the wanted folder (e.g. fileinto "public/hrztest").
I'm also migrating from cyrus-imapd to dovecot. But this solution isn't very good to me. With cyrus I could easily send an email to (for example) bb+shared/archive at mydomain.com. Then the mail will be putted to the public folder. 

Is there a comparable way to do this with Dovecot?
FYI: I'm using dovecot in a clustered and multidomain setup. The Mails will be deliviered over LMTP.


Fabian Kuran

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