[Dovecot] Released Pigeonhole v0.2.6 for Dovecot v2.0.18

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Feb 13 23:01:10 EET 2012

Hello Dovecot users,

Pigeonhole v0.2.5 does not compile against the new Dovecot v2.0.18 
release. That is why a release a new version now. Other changes are 
included as well, of which the one regarding the include extension 
requires special attention;

Changelog v0.2.6:

  * This release fixes unintentional behavior of the include extension.
    Included script names with a name like "name.sieve" would implicitly
    map to a script file called "name.sieve" and not "name.sieve.sieve".
    Keep in mind that the .sieve file extension has no meaning from
    within the Sieve language. A Sieve script is always stored with an
    appended .sieve file extension, also when the name already ends with
    a .sieve suffix.
    IMPORTANT: Some installations have relied on this unintentional
    feature, so check your script includes for issues before upgrading.
  * Matched changes regarding auth_verbose setting in Dovecot. This
    means that this release will only compile against Dovecot v2.0.18.
  - Fixed problem in ManageSieve that caused it to omit a WARNINGS
    response code when the uploaded script compiled with warnings.
  - Made sure that locations of Sieve error never report `line 0'.
  - Fixed potential segfault occurring when interpreter initialization

The release is available as follows:


Refer to http://pigeonhole.dovecot.org and the Dovecot v2.0 wiki for 
more information. Have fun testing this new release and don't hesitate 
to notify me when there are any problems.


Stephan Bosch
stephan at rename-it.nl

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