[Dovecot] Something is strange - perhaps my AMD processors ?

Finn B finn at kirstineslund.dk
Thu Feb 16 03:04:52 EET 2012

Moi Timo / all.

I've been using Dovecot on my Qmailtoaster production mailserver for
some years - since 1.0.7 and current Version 2.0.10 - works perfectly.

Now I am installing a backupsystem and a VM testsystem (2 boxes) - and
no matter how and what Version I am installing on these 2 boxes I get
below messages whenever I try to test connection with Telnet (localhost
110 / 995).
I have tried to install all Dovecot versions from 2.010 to 2.018 as
rpms, yums and as source and compiled it.

It's on Centos5.7 (64) with Qmailtoaster (which I have installed as I
have done many times before)
I have tried to copy all my settings from my current production system
(Centos 5.7, latest and greatest versions of qmailtoaster and Dovecot
2.0.10) - nothing helps.

Now I come to think of it I realize that my production system is intel
based and the 2 new ones are AMD based and wonder if this may be the case ?


master: Error: Service(auth): command startup failed, throttling
log: Error: Service(auth): child 1859 returned error 89 (Fatal failure)
pop3-login: Error: Timeout waiting for handshake from auth server. my
pid=1858, input bytes=0

Finn B

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