[Dovecot] Any possibility of running query after sucessful login?

Jacek Osiecki joshua at hybrid.pl
Thu Feb 16 10:41:52 EET 2012


I'm using finally dovecot 2.0 after quite a smooth upgrade from 1.0 :)
with virtual mailboxes stored in sql database.

Sometimes I need to check if a mailbox has been used recently or not.
Checking for logins in dovecot logs sometimes means searching through 
gigabytes of info...

I was just wondering if there is any possibility of running another 
query after successful login - just to fill some extra field like 
"last_login"? So far my only idea is to replace user/password query with
procedure like login(user,password) that would also return a line as 
required by user/password query. However, some mysql implementations
(for example, standard php-mysql) can't handle procedures which return 
values - so will it work in dovecot?

Or maybe some other ideas how to do that?

Jacek Osiecki joshua at ceti.pl GG:3828944
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