[Dovecot] Recalculate quota when quota=dict ?

Jacek Osiecki joshua at hybrid.pl
Thu Feb 16 17:35:14 EET 2012


My current setting for quota is:
plugin {
   #quota = dirsize:User quota
   #quota = maildir:User quota
   quota = dict:User quota::proxy::quota
   #quota = fs:User quota

I have used mb2md.pl and copied result files manually to
a desired mail folder - but quota was not recalculated.
And it seems, that no matter what I do - the quota usage
remains the same.
I tried uncommenting line with: quota = maildir:User quota
but it did not help.

Any other idea how to recalculate quota?

Jacek Osiecki joshua at ceti.pl GG:3828944
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