[Dovecot] A Postfix/Dovecot example with SQLite backend [crossposted]

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Sun Feb 19 20:09:27 EET 2012

There are many mail howtos on the web ... can one more hurt?

	http://rob0.nodns4.us/howto/latest.tar.gz (all files)

(Sorry, not HTML yet. That is on the agenda.)

This is a multiple address class sample implementation of a Postfix 
MTA and Dovecot IMAP server using a SQLite3 data backend. Domain
lookups, user maps, access and transport maps: all using a single, 
shared SQLite database file.

What, other than the SQLite backend, distinguishes this from other 
mail system howtos?

The Postfix high points include a complete implementation of all 
address classes and per-address transport(5) maps, virtual(8) 
UID/GID maps, and smtpd(8) recipient access(5) maps. (The latter is 
using smtpd_restriction_classes, which are not discussed in detail, 
but are implemented in an interesting way.)

On the Dovecot side, it's mostly standard stuff. The SQL deny userdb 
implementation, and the seamless integration of system and SQL users, 
might be interesting.

I think the database itself is the best part of this example. It's as 
close to "normalized" as I think it can reasonably be. A significant 
fact is that each revision of the system has tended to simplify the 
schema. That's a good sign, I think.

One central Domain table lists all domains and hostnames to which the 
server makes reference. Likewise, a central Address table lists all 
addresses (with a pointer to the Domain table for each record.) The 
Alias table defines relationships between Address entries. (Both 
local(8) and virtual(5) alias maps exist in that table.)

Comments and suggestions are welcome, on-list if it's topical to 
whichever list (please don't crosspost unless comments are relevant 
to both lists), or offlist to the address in the README file (or as 
detailed below.) Thanks for your interest.
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