[Dovecot] Can't connect to my mail server (postfix + dovecot, IMAP) with Thunderbird

GASPARD Kévin kevingaspard at lavabit.com
Thu Feb 23 18:26:45 EET 2012


I've a problem with Dovecot and Thunderbird. Actually I'm trying to 
setup a virtual host server mail with postfix + dovecot (2.0.9) on 
CentOS 6.2. This is my dovecot -n : http://pastebin.com/wZWAE5Cj (I 
guess the errors are not important, that's just saying there is some 
obsoletes values, I will fix that later until it's not inconvenient to 
setup correctly dovecot).

I've a file to store password (/etc/dovecot/passwd) and when I'm trying 
to connect with telnet to my host on port 143 it works, after I can log 
myself with the command «a login user at domain.tld passwd» and it works, 
this is the entire output of the telnet connection : 
http://pastebin.com/h10cQVqf but actually when I'm trying to connect 
with thunderbird I've an error about the password and the login, this is 
a screenshoot : http://images.koshie.fr/TB_problem.png and to finish, 
there is nothing into the log... The password and the user are corrects !

Of course, dovecot and postfix are started, this is the netstat -a | 
grep "dovecot" : http://pastebin.com/bwfsS4Tf

If you need more informations tell me.

PS : Excuse me for my bad english, also I'm new with dovecot.

Cordially, GASPARD Kévin

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