[Dovecot] Settings for authentication without an extra password file

Keith Christian keith1christian at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 19:31:49 EET 2012

Hello, I'm new to dovecot, and, due to having an older version of an
OS installed on a test server, I'll be using an older version of
dovecot (dovecot-1.0-1.2) to provide IMAP services.

On this wiki page

There are instructions for creating a separate dovecot password file:

    echo "$USER:{PLAIN}password" > passwd.dovecot
    sudo mv passwd.dovecot /etc

So, it appears that two password files will be needed, one for dovecot
and one for regular system logins.

Is the statement above correct, or am I misreading something?

Is there a setting in dovecot.conf which will authenticate IMAP using
/etc/password and /etc/shadow, without a separate dovecot password


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