[Dovecot] Maildir migration: Courier-imap 4.4.3 to Dovecot 1.2.

Rafał Radecki radecki.rafal at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 17:20:36 EET 2012

Hi all.

I am currently gathering information about migration of Maildir/
structures from Courier to Dovecot.
What do you think about http://wiki.dovecot.org/Migration/Courier  ?
For each courier Maildir account I want to use
http://www.dovecot.org/tools/courier-dovecot-migrate.pl to produce
dovecot-uidlist file
mv courierimapsubscribed subscriptions
sed sed -i 's/INBOX\.//' subscriptions
rm -r courierimaphieracl
rm courierimapacl
rm courierimapkeywords

I want also to leave default pop3_uidl_format (%08Xu%08Xv) in dovecot.conf
Should I look into something else? Have I missed something?

Best regards,

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